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Anime Artwork

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Newbie Brings Art [041907 ]

[ mood | busy ]

Im new and I bring art...

hopefully what you will think is purtty art. ^-^
Comments and advice is loved lots!!

Catch me as I fall

new web comic! [040306 ]


Please note that this is not a community promotion. However, you can delete this if you believe it is off topic. Just notify me please before you do so!

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Yeah. [072705 ]

[ mood | okay ]

So I'm actually going to post things now.

I think more people need to join this, more people need to post in this, more people need to comment in this lol.

So I have no idea if anyone will read this, but I'll update a picture of two.

1 of Kill Bill anime style
1 of Kairi from the Kingdom Hearts Manga


Hope you like them.Collapse )

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As [061005 ]

[ mood | cranky ]

Hey guys *wave* my animation program crashed, and I wanted to know if you can animated this Pickachu pic for me? i want it in the order i put it in. Thanks! I will credit you!

pickachus thunder shockCollapse )

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=D [060805 ]

[ mood | sore ]

Dejiko!!!!Collapse )

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Yeah... [060305 ]


So I think this community is a faliure, because no one posts in it lol.

So for the whole like 7 of you that joined this...


=D Thanks! lol.

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Pictures! [050905 ]


I have no idea if people actually come here, But I'll post these just for the hell of it lol.

1-Sango and Kirara
3-Blackrose and Kite.

My apologizes now if they turn out big lol.


Pictures!Collapse )

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[041805 ]

[ mood | tired ]

Here is some of my stuff


InuYasha Fanart behind the cut!....But Kikyou looks gibbledCollapse )

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2 more pictures! [112404 ]


So I have a picture of Sailor Saturn and a picture of Sailor Mini Moon and Pegasus. I really like the Saturn one, except for her right hand, just don't look at it lol. And for the one of Sailor Mini Moon and Pegasus, Mini Moon's face is kinda messed up, like it doesn't look like her, I need to round her eyes more and stuff. But oh well. I hope you like them!


Saturn and Mini MoonCollapse )

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Who you gonna call? [111704 ]

[ mood | calm ]

hiya peeps. some artwork i hope someone will at least recognize if not enjoy. ;-) i'm sick today but lovely amv's make one feel much better, fyi.

1. those twins from Fushigi Yugi: Amiboshi and Siboshi

2. Karasu from Yu Yu Hakusho and Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter

3. Kenshin... need i say more?

don't turn your back on meCollapse )

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First Picture [111304 ]


So since a couple people joined and I'm not the only one, I'll post a picture I drew. I'm just doing one for right now, but I'll add more later. It's a picture of the Arrow from Cardcaptors. I love that card cuz she looks awesome. But here it is.


The ArrowCollapse )

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[110504 ]

Yay! I made a community! lol. I'm not putting any picture on here right now cuz I don't have time. but tell your friends about this palce if they draw anime and all that good stuff.
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